Here is my last weekend work.
A linon mesh with a simple texture.
Later I will add some hairs too.
Bevor I do it I will test it usability for animation. (MoCap)

Regards Wuerzie

Looking really good so far, before you add hair try adding a bump map just to see that, also you won’t need to wait for massive render times :wink:

Simba. looks good whats the poly count on this model

The poly count is 1760.

Here is a new update.
New is the lion’s mane.
I like the textur. I like the mane.
But I think both do not match.

Regards, Wuerzie


I’m no expert on textures, or lions, but I think it looks great how it is!

i gotta agree with byob it looks amazing.

Wow…I have to say this looks very real. Great job.