Just a quickie I could not resist. There is a small contest in polish blender community and although I am fairly inexperienced when it comes to mastering blender I decided to take part. Here are shots from today (tonight actually- you can proly see system clock on screens :slight_smile: )

Awesome. I have never quite got used to the box modelling method. Keep it up

Maybe can help:…n/course11.pdf…create_animals…exturing_t-rex…trot,_part_two…do_the_foxtrot…cal_perfection…=524094&page=1…=526287&page=1…f=208&t=525811…f=208&t=523885…f=121&t=527573

Thanks a lot- I will. I got but a week to finish entire scene.


Here are some progress shots.

Iv’e been pretty good at box modeling but reference are so hard to get and align for me. Like take this for example i was modeling an AT AT and I had the reference but when i was done it looked like crap because it was slightly off.


I really like the “dynamically” posed images…, it makes it really look like a lion… :smiley:

Now, take it with a grain of salt, as you are far above my level,

But in a (probably vain) attempt at providing an attempt of something productive,

I would say that, (to me) the paws look… to… cute?

Note: Of course you might just not have gotten to it yet, or don’t think its an issue… :wink:

Anyway, great work, keep it up.


whoa! i would easily say that you are a master organic modeller with huge potential!

I have to agree with marslyr the paws look to cute with the way his head looks maybe some claws? Then again I’m just a noob so I really wouldn’t no more than you.

Thanks guys- you’re very kind to me. I am still trying to learn all functions (quite fresh to Blender). Vincimus, Marslyr- you’re right about paws. Thanks for pointing it out.

When it comes to comments- there is no such a thing like a “noob comment”, it does not matter if you got like ages of experience under belt or just two days- if input is honest it’s all that’s important.

Nice work. I really like the way you’ve used two completely different poses of the head to create the mesh. That short series of images qualifies as a mini-tutorial all by itself.

The upper arm musculature seems more human than cat. Cats don’t have clavicles and their shoulder blades ride higher up the back. I don’t believe they have deltoid muscles either, since they can’t really rotate their legs out to the side.