Lip Polygons for Animation

(zinc) #1

Hello Everyone. I’m new to 3d, having done mostly web and database design.
I’ve decided to learn Blender one polygon at a time. Here’s two blend files of lips, with
enough polygons for animation.

There’s a great text-to-speech site called that features
English, Scottish, American and Australian accents, with a demo form to create
your own pithy sayings. The Scots (male and female) are particularly good.

Here’s my sig in Scottish:

My goal is to create talking heads at the beginning of each chapter of the enovel I’m working on.

Critiques are appreciated.

Zinc out…

(zinc) #2

Oops! It wouldn’t hurt to add an image!

zinc out!

(digitalSlav) #3

see lower lip right side… there is a spot that should be fixed… take out the triangles and make square to match the rest of the mouth. i don’t see any real problems animating but i would bring the lips a little farther back in the opening of the mouth so the lips don’t seem so 2d. remember part of the lip is inside and from an angle like the one in the pic you are going to see the top side of the lip. best of luck with your project!

(zinc) #4

Thanks for the help. I take it that cleaning up after a fractal subdivide is a standared task in Blender. All the triangles are quadrangles now.

I tried to make this set of lips as gender and racial neutral as possible, because I’d like
to use it as my prototype. Reusable objects and all that.

Here’s the first fix:

Zinc out…