lip rigging

I guess everyone knows that cool alien rig tutorial here:
Well, I tried it about 10 times now, on both 2.5 a2 and 2.49b but everytime the last stretching bone in the row keeps on popping out… I tried to fix it with IK constrains but that didn’t work. Can anyone here see what I did wrong? I know already that ,in rigging, I earned myself the title advanced noob XD


untitled.blend (132 KB)

Hi kiriri,

In the video Dave forgot to mention that ‘hinge’ option needs to be enabled for the segmented bones. This prevents them from inheriting rotations from their neighbours. In 2.5 hinge is now called ‘inherit rotations’.

You may also want to make sure your bone roll angles are lined up with eachother as well, so the b-bones are not twisting improperly.