Lip Sync Animation Test. Would Appreciate Critique.

Here’s an animation test I did with some dialogue from Iron Man. Please, let me know what you think as I would like to improve future work.

I suggest videotaping yourself going over the lip sync a few dozen times.

Try to bring humour into the movements.

“Stark was able to build it in a cave!” “well I’m not in a cave”

That’s a good idea. I did actually do the motions that the characters do in order to get a feel for what they would do, but I didn’t think of filming it. That would probably help me get a better idea of what the motions actually look like.

For me, not enough phonemes on the one who was screaming.

Right. I’ll work on that. Thanks.

Start from basic things. Try to learn animation fundamentals. Acting and lipsync needs advanced animation skills.

Like the bouncing ball? I’ve done the bouncing ball and I thought it was too easy. I like to challenge myself a little bit. I’ve done lip sync before, it’s just that I’m not too used to the whole facial rig thing. Maybe I should get some more practice in.

Agreed. And I think I spotted glitches in the meshs, but it might be me.

Have a look on my lip sync examples and tutorials. I believe in making it as simple as possible

What do you think?

It might be you or I over looked.