Lip Sync Suggestions

I am new to Blender, and trying to find my way around it.

What’s the best technique for lip syncing?

Here is what I tried so far:

  1. I tried going to the Graph editor, and Baked sound to F-Curve. However, I couldn’t figure out how to add more than one track to a model using this way.

  2. Keys frames, and moving the drivers while listening to the voice track

3)Using the Papagayo Plug-in (But, Papagayo is slow for long tracks)

4)Are there any other techniques available?

Just was wondering what is the best looking way, and also how long the techniques take compared to each other. My plan is to make cartoons for children with talking animals, and maybe talking cartoon children too. I am not on any schedule or anything. As I said, just trying to learn my way around Blender at the moment. Also, any tutorials on the techniques would be helpful…I’ve tried watching YouTube videos to learn Blender, and found Andrew Price’s BlenderGuru site too to be helpful.

I haven’t done too much lip sync animation in Blender (I do most of my animating in Maya because that’s what my college uses) but I usually just import a sound, then use blend shapes and work my way through the animation. My professors say that lip sync is as much an art as a science, that it can be technically correct but not look “right.” The main problem is if you over-animate the lips. The truth is, the lips don’t move as much as you think when you talk. The just move for the major sounds, not the letters, and often they blur together. And then of course there are variations based on the character’s emotion/personality. A sleepy person may barely move their lips, while an angry one may open their mouth a lot.

The best thing to do is mouth the words to your audio while looking in a mirror so you can see what’s happening, and keep checking in with a mirror as you work along. It takes time to animate anything, especially lip sync, but as you do more of it you will get faster.

They are not free, but the Blendercookie animation bundle ($80 for the bundle, $40 for the one covering lip sync) is well worth the money. And if you are new to blender and want to make animation I would highly recommend these.

The flex rig itself is now free I believe

manual work will give the best result if speed is not an issue… but learning to build a rig for your animation shapes may be worthwhile. Are you aiming at “standard” stylized 3d animation, pixar/dreamworks style, or something else?