Lip sync test

Hi guys, I’m working on a short film and I’ve developed the lead protagonist but am having a hard time trying to figure out what he should sound like. The story doesn’t have a specific geographical setting, but in terms of accents we’ll be using a little Scottish, a little English, a little “American”, if you can call that an accent :slight_smile: So what do you think he should sound like? This quote is from Jim Carrey, in “Dumb and Dumber”.

Anyway, had a go at a lip sync test for this character, just to check deformations and my viseme shape keys. I realized after rendering that I needed to make a few corrective shape keys for the arms, which I did, and also that the left hand is a little robotic at times. Anyway, lemme hear your thoughts!

I think American is an accent. Not many people sound like us. :eyebrowlift2:

Since he’s an old man, I think he should have a sort of light, wheezy voice.

Not necessarily. It all depends on how the voice develops over the years. It’s better than my lip sync I know that for sure.

Rootrot, thank you for the suggestion. i think i agree. i’ve kinda wavered between an old man’s voice and a neurotic, high strung nebbish voice, like Woody Allen. is there anyone in particular (like an actor or character) you think we should try to emulate?

xeroshadow, thank you!

I think hes kinda moving like a young guy also, very good movements but not so old looking. Really good job. He moves kinda like Keanu Reeves the actor.
Lip sink is so difficult for me.

You’re right, for some. But I don’t think you’re going to see many British citizens developing a Texan or Minnesotan accent. I wouldn’t be able to imagine that. (Is it possible?!?!)

Your character looks like he should be a bit comical. He almost reminds me of the old man from Toy Story 2. Maybe this? I was just thinking about all the old man voices I’ve heard and this came to my mind first. (Old Man Jenkins from Spongebob)

A bit cheesy, but I think it would sound good.

kazinger,yeah, initially i intended to make him seem older and decrepit, but i started writing a script and felt like going with a younger personality. and thank you for your approbation!

lol Rootrot, yeah that’s definitely a different take. i had originally modeled the face to look like Geri from “Geri’s Game”, and wondered what his voice would sound like. probably a bit like old man jenkins, i’ll bet. now that’s what i would call decrepit!

There’s also the old man (bean?) from The Amazing Adventures of Gumball; they don’t have a webisode of it up yet, but I imagined your character talking with his voice.

I think it’s just right. The movement seems very clean and natural, and the lipsynch is perfect. Some have said he moves like a young man, but I had college professors who got this animated when talking poetry or code modules. Love the hand mannerisms. I give you an A+

thank you for the compliments!