Lipsync Importer & Blinker - 02/03 armature support

Thank you Ozgur, that worked!

The lipsyncher importer seems to be broken in Blender 2.79 and above. Is there any news about the addon for the new versions of Blender? Will it be updated to work in 2.8?

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It works in 2.79. So far so good.

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First off let me say I love this add-on, thank you. Will there be a port for 2.8? I really hope so. Thx again.

I did that but still couldn’t find the add-on please help

Pls can u post the link to the add on thanks

It’s working perfectly
I am using blender version 2.79b

Hello, would you help me edit the addon for blender 2.8? I upload what I did, but the buttons do not (25.3 KB)

Here I have it up and running in 2.8

same issue here. blender version 2.93. Now i have used this before but something is wrong now. I select my bone and it says that my rig is active but gives me on options.