Lipsync script in 2.27?


Has anyone tried running the lipsync script on Blender 2.27?
I set all he paths, select the IPO and hit the Import button.
THe gui goes away but no data is attached to the ipo.

The error I get is:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 417, in bevent
File “”, line 565, in execute
AttributeError: ‘module’ object has no attribute ‘BezTriple’

If anyone knows what I’m doing wrong, or how to make this script work in Blender 2.27 or 2.28a (won’t run at all) and Python 2.2.3 on Winxp, please help. I’m a python noob and just don’t get it yet.


Well, personally I’ve never been able to get it to run and when I asked, no one answered me so…idk…I think perhaps it isnt compatible with the new blender API…

Of course, I’m no coder so I wouldn’t no for sure



could you give me a link where I can find the lipsync script? I have the feeling that it’s written for the old API (blender210) which is no longer supported in Blender 2.26 and up.

Also, what problems do you have when running 2.28a?

With regards,

2.28 doesn’t like python 2.2.3. Try 2.2.2. And I’m not sure about 2.27 but I know 2.23 uses 2.0.1.


I found it at Meloware, followed a link from a tute on Blenderchar. I hope I get this link to work right, I’m a noob to forums :-?

Thanks for the clue on python versions, It’s a little confusing which python with which Blender :<

Since I’m new to blender I’ll probably use 2.28 since the API should be somewhat more constant from here, at least that’s the claim I’ve heard.


I have gotten the script to work fine under Blender 2.23.
I save my Blend file after importing then I can open it using Blender 2.32
and work with the sliders under the Action menu to fine-tune the performance.