Lipsync script or freeware?

I am developing a 3d character from a well-known comic strip. However, to keep the 2d personality I am using an image projection on the face of a 2d movie (eye and mouth expressions).

I plan to create the mouth shapes and eyes in either Flash or After Effects. But I need a script to auto sync an audio track to the mouth shapes. Obviously, I will tweak the result as well. Is there a script available anywhere or a freeware program that will allow me to generate then import the keys into AE or Flash?

Gooood luck. You aren’t the first one to want this. Check out the scripting subforum. Part of the problem is that blender doesn’t seem to have a way to update an animated textures frame number so once started the animation eather plays over and over or plays and stops.

I know, it would be a simple thing to have a single animation of a mouth going through all the visinemes , map the frame numbers to each visineme and then list where you want each posrtion of the visineme texture animation to play within your animation. Holywrote a 2.49 script that allows you to make a table of which single texture you want showed at each frame, thats as good as it gets for now, however, she is doing some fantastic texture animations right now for her manga cartoons, check it out, she may have more info: