Liquid animation

I am using blender 2.49 and I am wondering how I am supposed to use obstacle,
I have a fluid, a domain and an obstacle, but when I bake and run the animation, the fluid drops right through the obstacle, do I have a setting wrong?

Thanks for any help.

post your scene.

I just found the problem, the liquid is using the bounding box as the obstacle, how can I wrap the bounding box so that it is the same shape as my object?

If you set an object as an obstacle in the fluid settings, it uses the actual mesh shape as the obstacle.


But it’s not doing that.

Post your blend. Without that, who knows what you’ve done wrong


Here it is, it is a very simple scene, as I am pretty new at this.


liquid.blend (135 KB)

For your obstacle, move the subsurf modifier above the fluid modifier. Currently, the fluid is only acting on the object as though it hasn’t been subsurfed. The ordering of modifiers is important.


Many thanks, that fixed the problem