Liquid Christmas tree

Hi All,

Brand new to blender!! literally just downloaded it.

I’m looking to make fluid/water Christmas tree, similar to or

and I particularly like this one

just to repeat I have no idea what I’m doing…
any help will be most appreciated.

I don’t need it to be animated, static is fine.

thanks in advance

Yes… :baby:t2:… and what have you done to achieve your ‘dream’ (except the mandatory registering here and repeatedly expressing your needs)?

Here’s a an idea - “Sculpting Fluids”! – enjoy it. :relieved:


Welcome & bye, be well.


Look at some water simulation tutorials. The process of making these images is fairly simple. Though you want to take your time setting up the scene the way you want it.

You will set a domain, a in flow of fluid and then an obstacle to shape the water flow. You can use a cone or similar shape for the obstacle.

I used flip fluids (paid add-on) for this image but similar results can be achieved with the regular flow simulation physics.

The rest is lighting and materials for the water using Cycles render engine. I used an HDRI for lighting.

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