Liquid cooled PC running hot after flush.

Good evening, My PC i7 3770k had intermittent heat issues. Idle on a good day 15 C but would spike to 40c and games randomly crash. I decided to flush the loops and replace the water. The loop includes one cpu and 2 gpus. Since flushing and refilling the temps avg 60c idle but the gpus usually start off normal 45 c but will increase to 70c over time.

Ideas? thanks

aint nothin like those ol school spinnin thingys to keep ya cool :smiley:

my 3770 is running at 40-60c peak at 3.9 ghz with a basic 120mm cooler.

I kinda regret going liquid TBH. Next build wont be.

Now that the computer has sat with the power off for 30 mins the temps are low again. I’m going to see if I have anymore spikes.

Make sure the cooler is making proper contact with the CPU, i’ve had 2 cases where we bought pre-built PC’s and they cut corners (either not screwing in all the screws on the cooler or not properly applying thermal paste between the board and CPU)