liquid - floating objects

sorry about that other thread but i dont know how to delete threads.

anyway, i’ve come apon a new adventure: making objects float in liquid. i cant seem to find anything through google.

Hmmm ?

no, real floating objects with actual calculated buoyancy.

Depending on how your liquid is made, you may be able to apply a softbody modifier to it and a mesh representing your floating object. This isn’t strictly accurate, but may provide a reasonable approximation for objects that do not submerge completely.

Short answer: right now it can’t be done. Fake it.

Simple, but effective.

thank you sooo much! my intentions were not to animate it but i learned soooooo many more features thanks to your tutorial! and when i do decide to animate…i’ll look up your tut in my bookmarks:)


Glad you found it useful, but don’t underestimate the power of animation techniques for help in making stills. In the blend file, I ran the animation for 200 frames. I can create a still image from any frame. All I have to do is run the animation forward using the frame counter at the top of the buttons window. Use right and left arrows to move a single frame, up and down arrows to move 10 frames.

Other uses of animation tools for still images include:
1)Soft Body cloth like simulation - dropping a table clothe over a table to get some realistic looking folds, or wind blowing a curtain
2) Non static particles - to render an explosion at a certain frame
3) Game engine physics - typically for dropping things in a random fashion - rocks, coffee beans etc.

Best of Luck!