liquid goung through cup

Ok guys I have several problems that I don’t want to post all over the forum. This includes textures and liquid simulation.

Problem no.:
When my cup is rendered the bottom of it is verry nice and transparrent but the top of it which has an interiour is all black and nowhere near transparrent…the water Can be seen inside but hardly. As if it weren’t lighted…But I have added a lightsource actually right above the cup, almost into it…still nothing…
My fluid hits the obstacle (cup) and starts seeping through the sides on the bottom…:eek:

if any pictures are needed let me know and I will post some

Cheers and thanks ahead!

Perhaps a ‘Normals’ issue for both problems.

Select all vertices and press [Ctrl] + [n].

Also, with the fluid simulator, sometimes if the glass/cup “wall” is too thin, it might cause issues. If this is the case, you can sometimes use a substitute/ stand-in mesh to calculate the fluid simulation and then return to your original mesh for the final render. (Depending on course, if/how the fluid stays inside the cup or if it splashes and runs along the outside of the cup.)

ok I’ll try that. Thanks anyway. Not right now tho. 2 late. I’ll contact u if any problem occurs.:o

Sometimes fluid will also leak if the resolution is not high enough. Make sure you’re using a resolution of at least 100, higher being preferable.

I have 50 on simple res and 25 on preview. :confused: I’ll try higher then…

What about the texture problem?

I have 50 on simple res and 25 on preview.

If you want a decent quality fluid rise it to at least 120/150 for final. Preview can be whatever you want, just lower than final.

the top of it which has an interiour is all black and nowhere near transparrent…

Also, are you rendering with YafRay? If so, then check the Raydepth value (Rendering->YafRay tab). It determines the number of times a ray of light bounces around in the scene, so raise to 6 or so, otherwise transparent objects may appear black.

Wow you sound like you know something right there! :cool: Let me check the new knowlige :smiley: I’ll reply soon about where I am,:slight_smile:

Ok I don’t use YawfRay…I use blender internal. I did try changin to YawfRay but I get a black screen as a rendered image…