Liquid inflow dosen't follow curve

I’ve been trying to get a liquid inflow to follow a curve.

I have ‘Export animated mesh’ turned on. The inital velosity is set to zero one all axises. The direction of the curve points away from the inflow and I have tried with both a bezier and a path.

Does blender 2.6x not support this feature?

Tried setting an inflow object to follow a curve and it works for me in 2.62 (attached blend)
Attach a blend file showing it not working.


fluid_follow_curve.blend (83.8 KB)

or did you mean something like:

I’m not sure why the fluid reaches the end of the curve before the inflow object.
Seems to have something to do with the evaluation time for the curve.

The tooltip says something about ‘Path Length’, but I’m not sure where I can
find that information; or maybe someone else knows the proper way to set up a path animation. ??


That’s closer to what I’m looking for. What I really want is to get the inflow to follow a specific direction without having to resort to setting the inflow velocity for X, Y and Z.

I have an idea… can’t you make an (not rendered) obstacle object roughly with the shape of the path that you want the liquid to flow?
Of course it depends on the speed of the liquid, and the shape of the obstacle, otherwise it may look as something is there invisibly redirecting the flow.

ps: I’d also suggest on using the curve modifier AFTER you baked your simulation, I’m not really sure that it’d work, but is is worth a shot!

That seems to be the best bet. I’m using multiple inflows objects, so a curve might not be workable.