Liquid issue

Hello, I am currently working on making a simple glass of beer in Blender 2.70a. I have everything going smoothly up until I get to the actual liquid in the glass, and the issue I am having is that I go to add a material, using the glass surface BSDF with an IOR of 1.345 and a Volume Absorption node, the colour is set to R 0.244 G 0.189 B 0.024 but whenever I go to render it, the liquid simply appears to just be black… Any suggestions?

I am using cycles render if that helps, I can also take screen shots or upload my .blend file too.

Two possibilities I can think of.

  1. You are trying to render in GPU mode - volumetric only work for CPU currently.
  2. You need to up the number of bounces.

Do you have proper lighting? Also try increasing the number of samples.

Try to Lower the Volume Absorption Density , if you aren’t using GPU.

As far as I know, I have not set up my Blender to GPU compute, as far as I know, the Volume Absorption node would have a warning on it if I were in GPU compute mode.

How do I increase the number of bounces? Sorry, not very good with this program yet, trying to learn this and Maya. Haha

you can change the bounces in the Render Panel >> Light Paths. The factory values, should be enough for your scene.

Also, I think your absorbtion color is bit too dark.

Okay, I changed the density, and I am not really sure what I did to tell you the truth, I just started playing around with the nodes, and somehow I got it to finally work.

Now, the issue I am having is I would like to add a label to the front of the glass, the Hacker Pschorr label to be exact, and from what I have read, I simply add a new texture, however, I already have a world texture for the lighting. I don’t see the option to add a new texture to the glass itself?

the best way is to create a new shader (typical diffuse+glossy), and connect the texture to the diffuse color. Then use the alpha of the texture to mix the new shader with the glass you already have.

You should have your Glass unwrapped, for better control where to place the texture.

Probably a silly question, but how do you do all of that? Do you know of like a tutorial PDF that I can look at to walk one through it?

here’s a simple tutorial explaining a similar process… Not applying a decal in a glass material, but it should work the same way :wink: :

Unfortunately, for me YouTube isn’t working so well, do you know off hand of a written/PDF one?


don’t know any pdf, except all the manuals about blender and cycles that you can find out there…
but here’s the quick setup (no graphics at the time but i can post some tomorrow):

1- setup your working enviroment, so you have a 3dView and an ImageEditor in it.
2- In the 3dView,select your glass, go into edit mode, select the faces that will be affected by the texture, press U and select Unwrap.
3- In the ImageEditor, choose the image with the logo, and scale the faces to fit your wishes.
4- Back into the 3Dview, you can exit edit mode.

5- Go to the NodeEditor, and make the following material (or something that better suit your needs :wink: ):

this is just the basic, as I don’t know if you already have other UV’s for dirt, foam, scratches, or even glass/bier interface IOR changes. But it should point you in the right direction. :wink: