Liquid material

Hi, I’m trying to recreate the right glass in this picture:

But I don’t know how to reproduce its… Consistency? This is my render:

I’ve played around with SSS and volume absorption but I’m not getting there… I have a .8 transmission, .1 roughness and .2 SSS with the same colours I used for the BSDF shader. Any tips are welcome, thank you.

Edit: using cycles

Cycles or eevee

Edited now, I’m using cycles

I’ve tried Volume absorption. I chose a darker orange and a value of 1, but it was just making the overall outcome a bit greyish :-?

You might need some volume scatter in there too.

Also make sure you gave used the lightpath trick on your glass otherwise the glass shadow will be too dark and will dull your liquid.

I’m back, had some time to play with your suggestions. I’ve plugged a noise texture into the volume scatter to have some different shadows inside the liquid, and this is the best result so far. Thanks for helping. I’m not sure if there’s anything else I can do to it (besides solving some geometry issue I have at the bottom)