Liquid Simulation, as soon as possible. Please.

Hello! ;D Im looking for someone interested in assisting me in a paid work i got asked for.
Its a liquid simulation about 5 minutes with minor animation, liquids will be maybe just a minute.
The work will be for a client, and may ask for corrections and minor details changes.
Please contact me for more details. And if possible include price.
Cheers! :smiley:

Check this out

Let me guess, this is from the Photorealistic fruit splash tutorial?

hope you like this one ( watch in hd )

and flowing lava liquid

Hey, PM me, but here are a few examples of my work:

On the homepage are two animations, found by clicking the second and third small link on the right.

If you click “The right way to design a stormwater system”, there are more renders involving fluids under:
Municipal -> Detention Pond -> Detention Pond Video
Commercial -> Gravel Pit -> Bypass Video
Commercial -> Parking Lot -> Parking Lot Video
Commercial -> Body Shop -> Body Shop Video

I am an employee of the firm that made this website, and all the renders/animations/modelling was done by me. The still renders were done in sketch-up (because the client had a “town” that was created in Sketch-up, featuring the still scenarios, and rendered with twilight render to intentionally create a cartoon like effect. All the videos were created in Blender, with all the modeling, texturing, and fluid sim work done custom for each scenario.

If you are interested, don’t hesitate to PM and I will provide you with my phone number, and we can proceed from there. I generally charge freelancer range fees for large studio quality (because I am a freelancer in this situation, but still an employee at a large studio that knows how things are done).

Thanks, and as I said, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will provide you with my contact info, or provide me with yours.