liquid sunshine :D

:smiley: this is my liquid test for another post a shot of liquid sunshine

using the same glass material settings and the new liquid simulation of the new beta version


I see it but don’t quite understand what exactly it is that I’m looking at. The base structure looks like it might be a candle or something b ut the light is coming from the flow of lava?? What exactly did you do and what were you trying to achive??

well it originally was a shot of whiskey , using the liquid simulator , ( this was to test the beta of blender ) , then distracted i messed up a spot lamp and turned on halo , then my girlfriend just said looks like the light filled the shotglass,

this is part of my bong attempt because strangely , this glass works to contain the object , but the object in my other post somehow lets the liquid pass right thru.

khnum this is just for you maybe it can shine on you what it is


It looks neat.

I see some of the water now inside the glass, though that spot really messes with the shot imho. You should off set the angle a bit so your not shining directly inside the shot glass. Keep at it though, the bong with water inside would look pretty cool.

thought youd understand once you saw a different frame . the volumetric light is actually a test to see if i can make a bic lighter lamp , aka a volume lamp that has simmilar color and brightness to a butane flame attached to a bic lighter mesh , of course thats going to be in the finished animation though

Try using more then one mesh and making them blended transparent with slightly different colors to show the blue to yellow/orange, could probably do it as well with particles but I personally have yet to tackle that hurdle, waiting for a finish version of 2.40 before I start it. Can’t wait to see your results though, and take notes of your settings if you do get it right so you can share with the rest of us! :wink: