Liquid Surface

Hi All, I just want to start by saying I’m a complete noob. Just basically doing tutorials and messing around…getting over my head at times. lol Also, this was inspired by one of Mr. Price’s tuts but I watched that about a month ago. Just winged this image.

I ran into an issue with the top of my liquid in the glass. I wanted to make a whiskey-like liquid.

Just using a glass shader didn’t look very good. So I tried to give the top of the liquid it’s own material. I took a glossy shader and mixed it with a transparent shader in node editor. I did I test render and it would have looked pretty decent, except the strange shapes you can see around the edges. How do I get rid of this? or did I just do this completely wrong?
I basically applied the new texture to just the top face of the liquid by selecting the face and assigning the material.

Any help would be appreciated.

Image is just a screenshot so you could see the artifacting


What you see is an Ngon (a face with more than 4 vertices) touched by the SubSurf modifier.

First thing to do to improve this is to inset the Ngon with [I]. This will create a ring of quads all around.

After that, if that’s not enough, tighten your mesh with edge loops closer to the edge where the 2 materials meet. Or else, if you don’t want to add more geometry, simply increase the crease of the edge loop where the 2 materials meet: [SHIFT E], 1, [ENTER].

Thanks Kaluura, Makes sense. Cheers. /thread