Liquor Store Music Video


This video is my first serious use of Blender. It’s a music video for the Easton Ellises’ song “Liquorstore”.

While this is the final version, there are a few mistakes here and there (which I may even correct); I had never done any rigging or character animating when I started this (I rigged the models myself) and the opening scene is fairly much as I completed it (what seems like) long ago - it shows. It’s also my first use of cloth - something I’m still getting the knack of.

I had originally intended to make a live action music video using Tomato Branch for The Screaming Jets “C’mon”, but as that is copyright music I shelved the idea. I was actually looking for something else on a “free” music site when I stumbled across “Liquorstore” and thought that it might make useful material for a music video. The result is fairly close to how I storyboarded it in my mind.

There are several Blender references - can you find them?

The video is 720p HD.

Comments / criticisms welcome.


Edit: changed YouTube version. Provided link to Vimeo copy.

One of the best music videos I’ve seen in a long time. A lot of the time the imagery doesn’t match the song.


Thank you very much for your encouraging words. Much appreciated after all my hard work.

I know what you mean regarding so many music videos - usually totally divorced from the song. If it weren’t for copyright infringement it might be fun to mix and match videos to different songs.