LIS chapter

Hi there,

Here is a sample of a Lost in space film chapter, where you play as Professor Robinson who with Major West must go in search of the core material for the Jupiter.

Unfortunately it never made it to completion. You can give it a try, it is a application release.

If somebody might like it, the older Will Robinson needs animating with the audio and then a change in location nearby, where the Professor is shown by Robinson the engine room. Major West is dropped on the floor by the Robot’s arm, and the audio is playing like as if it was the film.

There was to be no Doctor Smith past, or young Will Robinson, so just carefuly cut scenes, where the ending of it is the Professor and Smith encounter after he and West are with the robot in the robot docking maintanence area as seen in the film, and the weapon given by the robot to the Professor. I have WIP model of Smith, not textured or animated.
Thank you to lostscience for assisting me with this. Nice to give it a try.

Thank you for reading.