Lisa character

Hi! Here’s my latest character render. I would be thankful for all critiques and feedback/

Still learning :slight_smile:


Hey @Yacine_Medji @AncientRustedRelics @sundialsvc4 @dwan @Romanji you guys helped me with my previous attempt "Rose" - what should I do to make my characters look better :) so I want you to see my progress :smiley:

Good work on the eyes. might want to increase the irises to touch both lids unless you are going for some extreme sanpaku. Not too sure on the sunken cheeks and jaundiced complexion, it looks like she’s wasting away from liver disease.
Don’t be afraid to post a profile aswell, i think most of the problem with the lips is from not getting the contours right, google images is your friend when it comes to reference photos. Type in face profile and you can see how the bottom lip creases under the upper lip and hangs over the chin.

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Love the delicacy of the features and the way you have sculpted the hair. The overall styling is unique and creates a very interesting mood. I’d love to see more characters with this same styling. Congratulations!

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Thank you guys! @AncientRustedRelics of course I will focus on things you mentioned, it’s really valuable for me :smiley: @Kena it’s a pleasure to read such a nice opinion ^^ It’s motivating me, I will keep improving :slight_smile:

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