list for fluid-tutorials

now i’am interested in fluid-animations.
and i am looking for fluid-tutorials so i’d like to make a list for them to collect some more.

tutorials found from other people

so i hope you have some more. :slight_smile:

ps: most interested i’am in this fluid-project ( ) but i don’t find tutorials for this.

and i hope i am not the only person who could need fluid-tutorials.

with nice regards

do you have no more.
i like the animation in this link . you don’t have ab idea where i can find a tutorial for this.
in my found tutorials i only have the same theme: build an obstacle, a fluid and a domain and no more the fluid falls on the obsacle and floas in the domain–>ready.


There is also this one:

What you’re going to need is an “infow” object which acts sort of like a tap.
In the example you showed it looks like there is an inflow object at the door and the room is the obstacle. Take at look at the bottom tutorial. I haven’t tried this myself yet but that should get you going.


thanx the tutorial at the bottom is very cool.
but this ( ) i couldn’t built. :frowning:

you don’t have any specified idea to make the fluid-simulation?

:frowning: than i want to ask how this movie was made . i hope you have an idea.


I’m trying to figure it out myself but it takes forever to bake these simulations, then if it doesn’t work you have to change settings and bake it again. It’s slow going and I’m learning as I go.

That looks like a variation of the “collision with a cube” tutorial from the same page that I mentioned earlier, using a bullet instead of a cube.

If you ask this in the blender tests forum more people that are experimenting with fluids might be able to help. I’m just learning myself.

I’ll keep trying. :slight_smile:


:wink: this i have also mad but i think the gravity or anything like that must change for this theme.

The bullet was done by Mike Pan.
He’s listed on this forum as mpan3.
Search for his threads, he usually explains what he’s doing.

The one on the wiki site you mention at the top is very good…

I learnt how to do this from it :-

Never played with fluids before but i’ve only been using blender for about a month now.

I tried the cube collision and it didn’t seem to work so i tried the most basic tutorial and i can’t even seem to get satisfactory results. All of the liquid drops in the most unconvincing way, splooges onto the bottom of the domain in a dome shape and then somehow warps itself to the edges where it will happily buzz around. :confused:

I must be missing something really simple but all my tweaks aren’t changing anything.

Also i can’t seem to get obstacles to work. I just get the message “no additional settings as of now”.

Bask in my dazzling rays of noobiness. Any guidance regarding the tutorials would be most appreciated.

some trippy fluid insanity definitely inspired by mpan3:

and fluids coupled with rigid body physics baked to IPOS:

just follow the tuts exactly. it takes a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooot of patience. and hopefully for you, four logical cpus to render :smiley:

one thing to remember - chances are your preview settings are lower res than your bake settings, meaning what you see is NOT what you get. try rendering your fluid with setsmooth too. but DONT subsurf it - it can screw up the boundary detection

whenever i do a fluid thing the fluid just goes right through the obstacle

In the fluid simulation menu, for your obstacle you must enable the fluid simulation on the object and then set the object type to obstacle. If in doubt check blenders wiki (there is even a tutorial there)

Hello how do i do a long water animation. it is only 250 frames for me

i use blender versoin 3.49