List of addons that work with 2.8

Group pro (yes yes!, black Friday today, I tested it and could work with it within a minute. Very intuitive , blender 2.8).

And my own Global Shader. It’s a shader making extensive use of drivers. With that you can define a colour palette globaly and settings like roughness, bump strength, metalicness, etc.

See top post for links.

Now Toonkit for Cycles support 2.8 also.


@vitorbalbio , added to the list in the first post.
Thanks, you are the first developer posting his addon here in the thread. .

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Theme Editor has supported Blender 2.8 since the release.


Thanks, I will update the first post this evening. (Having some issues with drivers for gpu’s in Windows 10 again.). Interesting, theme editor in 2.8, I will take a look. (If Microsoft allows me to use my own pc)

MACHIN3tools added, see first post.
Thanks @MACHIN3

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Hardops for 2.8 added to the list, see first post

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I’m missing some plugins on the list ported to 2.80, like:

Sketchfab importer

Thanks, all help is welcome completing the list.
Added Sketchfab importer and Blenderkit addon.
See first port

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Added Boxcutter (paid) see top-post

I recently updated the Floorboard generator so that it works with Blender 2.80.


3dcoat app-link also works.

@maraCZ, thanks, Floorboard-generator added to the list in first post.
@dimitribastos Is that a build in add, if not where can we download it?

Sverchok prerelease master added, see first post

Added: Floorboard generator, see top-post

Added: Sure UVW Map, see top-post for complete list

Context Browser just got an update for 2.8: Context Browser 1.1.0

So did Texel Density: Texel Density Checker 1.0.8 [UPDATE 08.11.18] [2.8 Support]

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Thanks, added Context Browser and Texel Density Checker to the list in the first post.

@Peetie can you make these into two categories in first post? Free and Paid. That way they are not mixed up.

@AFWS I wil think about the best way how to do that. For example there is the BlenderKit addon with Free/Standard/Pro, then there are Free and Free/Fair price.

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