List of addons that work with 2.8

Datablock Tools now supports 2.80


thanks, will check

Nevermind, I was confusing geodesicdomes2 with advanced cones :skull:
This happens when you try varios plugins at once and even thought now I have almost the same options as in 2.79 some add mesh addons don’t have icons or appear in other order, making it a little messy

Hi. Anyone know of a 2.8 addon that will quickly turn loose edges into pipes so you can avoid the whole curves routine?


I usually go for the mesh edges ➔ Skin modifier route. Then Control + A changes the volume surrounding a vertex, and pressing X or Y constrains the volume sizing to an axis.

If you add a Subdivision Surface modifier before (and after) the Skin modifier, you can auto-smooth the flow of your edges before the Skin is generated.

I recently updated Modo-Me to 2.80 (paid)


Nah, that’s almost as bad speed-wise and gets you lots of geometry you don’t really need.

I wish the Solidify operator just worked on loose edges…

Is this the curves routine you’re speaking of?

No, I meant the normal separation, conversion to curves, adjusting props, conversion back to mesh and joining. You used quick pipe, which is fine, but AFAIK hasn’t been updated yet?

Changed KIT OPS to KIT OPS PRO on paid ones.
Added KIT OPS FREE and Blender Addon PBR to free ones.

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Hi ! Anyone know if there is a 2.8 addon that restore symmetry like this one ==> Restore Symmetry 2.70

How do you mean updated? To work in 2.8? It has been (Download the latest config from here).

Or do you mean new features? That, I don’t know, but you could try asking Heavypoly on here or on Twitter.

Also, I added a line that will automatically convert the curve to a mesh once you confirm the operation:

Go to line 33 and add the convert code.

        elif event.type == 'LEFTMOUSE' :
            return {'FINISHED'}

You’ll still need to join it of course, but this removes one step at least?

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Has anyone got Shape Keys + to work in 2.8? I’m getting traceback errors.

Suggestion: Can we begin to categorize this list even further using Default Blender’s Workspaces? Modeling, Texturing, Shading, etc. It’s getting rather cluttered. For example, HardOPs, KitOPs, CAD Snap Utilities, etc can go under modeling, BATS in texturing, and keymaps or Pie Menu Editor can belong in System or Layout. This would also be good for new add-ons since they’ll be in a category with less to filter through, bringing more visibility to the end user. Under these categories, Paid and Free addons can be either separated as subcategories or put together and labeled differently (with $ sign or something like that).


Looks like a good idea to me at this point. Something like a spreadsheet where you can filter would be perfect but not sure if this is possible on blenderartists.
It’s also getting hard sometimes to see if an addon is already in the list or not. That is one of a reason why I’ve spend less time on the list.
At the moment I have something like: Developers are free to put their addon in the list, but I will be only active when I bump into an addon that catches my attention.

To me, every-one is free to organize the list.

Added Archipack 2.0 for blender 2.8 (commercial enhanced version)


Can we at least enforce that the lists be in alphabetical order? Took me ages to find a particular add-on.

Maybe it is better to make a google spreadsheet or something like that to organize list.


Good idea. It’ll have less conflict.

Edit: Started the spreadsheet. Ran out of time. Hopefully someone else will contribute in fleshing it out further. I have basic knowledge of spreadsheet, so if anyone wants to format it better, please go ahead.

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I just updated my savetemp addon with a new name, Temporizer and it works with 2.79 and 2.80

It is a free one.