List of addons that work with 2.8

3dcoat app-link also works.

@maraCZ, thanks, Floorboard-generator added to the list in first post.
@dimitribastos Is that a build in add, if not where can we download it?

Sverchok prerelease master added, see first post

Added: Floorboard generator, see top-post

Added: Sure UVW Map, see top-post for complete list

Context Browser just got an update for 2.8: Context Browser 1.1.0

So did Texel Density: Texel Density Checker 1.0.8 [UPDATE 08.11.18] [2.8 Support]

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Thanks, added Context Browser and Texel Density Checker to the list in the first post.

@Peetie can you make these into two categories in first post? Free and Paid. That way they are not mixed up.

@AFWS I wil think about the best way how to do that. For example there is the BlenderKit addon with Free/Standard/Pro, then there are Free and Free/Fair price.

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you can add us too :slight_smile: Our addon works, however it is very often updated since there are still changes in the API happening.

Well I should read before writing. Thanks for adding our addon :slight_smile:

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Addon Called projectile added to list in top-post.
Set initial velocities for rigid body physics.

Added Material Bakery on place 20
(there was a duplicate of floorboard generator in the list).

You can bake materials in 2.8 with cycles.
Tried it once, works well, but I had to use CPU because GPU gafe Cuda error in that case.

Are you sure you didn’t mean Archipack? I’m still seeing “upgrade to 2.8x required” for Archimesh.

And for an add-on update, MeasureIt now works with 2.80. All credit for the update goes to @Antonioya.

Thanks, I place it under number 8 which is the build in addons.
How did I come to Archimesh? Ah, that was the other addon, I remember. :smiley:

Added Bligify (to render gifs in VSE), see top-post

Benjamin Sauder has published a new version of the setflow tool that can be found here:


@Nosslak , thanks! Added to the list in first post.

I’ve updated VSE_Transform_Tools and Bizualizer today, more tomorrow.


NodeSet Pro from Michel Anders has been updated for 2.80, available via Blendermarket :slight_smile:
( 20181202 initial 2.80

Could someone please point me to the right version of **sverchok**that works with 2.8?