List of addons that work with 2.8

Thanks this is so much fun!


Adding my own addon :slight_smile:
It’s free with an early access paid option (yeah it’s lame…)
CurveLib on BlenderArtists
CurveLib on Gumroad


Thanks for this update

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Thanks, but I thought this was a commercial add-on. Did Monaime release it for free?

They are different addons by different developers, but with the same name. I got confused too. Check Monaime’s blog, he shares what he works on there.

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Quite confusing indeed. :slightly_smiling_face: To make things even more complex, Monaime has also created an addon called Animax, which offers similar functionality.


Any update addon 3D view Panel Measure for Blender 2.8x ? (54.6 KB)

Waouh thanks it’s funny and useful !

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Easyref has been updated to 2.81!


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Added two paid addons:

Quad remesher
Quad Remesher is an automatic quad remeshing (or auto retopology) technology.

FaceBuilder add-on for Blender can help with building 3D models of human faces and heads using a couple of photographs.

proxify is out

totally free


Hi guys, finally (Just yesterday) got Action Loader ported to 2.8.
It is a free (GPL) Addon for managing multiple animations for the same character, specifically for use in games.
(Specifically when you have a character with many small animations like idle/run/kick etc, and you can easily swap between them with a click, and does a bunch of other useful stuff for that workflow)

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Included AStats mod (free)

and UOZA Production Pies (Commercial)

still need to add Reboot (old free addon - update for 2.82+)

Do I have to ask for permission for edditing? If so I want to add these addons:

Pressetter Professional (Free)

Presets for viewport types visibility, overlays, snapping, orientations,shading…

Select Panel (Free)

A panel dedicated to having all selection commands at a glance

Extra Lights (Free)


Hi @bloox64,
No need to ask for permission. And thanks for contributing to the list. You can scroll to the first post, and there you see a green icon with a number in front.

If you are interested I can also add you as author on, but so far I didn’t make a tutuorial on how to create posts over there. It’s a wordpress site and has 30k visitors a month

In case some-one else is interested in becoming an author let me know. A requirement is that I can see that you have some affinity with Blender. For example you have a youtube channel about blender, or made 1 or more addons, or are active here on the forum for longer time etc.

Well, I made the second addon on that list, so I guess that’s enough.

I didn’t know I could edit the post, but is the google spreadsheet what I’m having problems editing, since is only readable, there’s where I asked for permission. I don’t feel like updating much but sure, add me there as well.

I also found this ones:

Oscurart edit normals tool (free)

Abnormal normal edit (Free)

It’s back in the latest 2.83 Beta. HORRAY!!!

New add-on called Set Precise Mesh /CAD was added to Modeling - HardSurface
Link to Release Add-on post


VSHADE and VMATS was added to Paid Add-ons list.

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