List of addons that work with 2.8


(Peetie) #184

Thanks, I added Corner Extrude in the list under paid addons in the first post.

(Canseco Gpc) #185

Did some fixes and added Notify and Math Mesh to Free addons.

(Peetie) #186

For now I stick to the build of Januari 2. Still to many addons broke after 3 or 4 januari since there is a new feature in the bevel-modifier it seems.

(XYZero) #187

Anyone have a Jan 2 build that you can offer up somewhere for download?
I’m going to have to start downloading builds daily I guess.

(Peetie) #188

Got one as I stated. I will upload it but that takes a while (slow upload speed here). Let you know once done.

(XYZero) #189

Oh great, thanks, no problem on the wait.
Much appreciated.

(Peetie) #190

I’ve send you a message with a link

(Zimlorog) #191

I would love to have Vertex Tools.

Update Looks like Edge Flow will accomplish this just as well!

(Metin Seven) #192

@Albertofx has just updated Dynremesh to 2.0, which is Blender 2.8 ready. It’s a paid add-on.

(Luca Carella) #193

I’m waiting for blender 2.8 to be released before update, but it will be updated don’t worry!

(Piotr Adamowicz) #194

Sculpt tools is long dead. I use pitiwazou’s speed sculpt these days.

(Musashidan) #195

Destructive Extrude from the other thread is up and running in 2.80

(Peetie) #196

Good News,
All addons afaik are updated and work with the latest build (Januari 8), like:
Hardops, Boxcutter, KIT ops, Cuber, Ice Tools and others

Also added: Commotion on number 62 of the free addons, see first post.

(Peetie) #197

Added 2 free addons to the list: Welder and TubeTool

(XYZero) #198

Thanks Peetie for keeping us updated and informed on the 2.8 addons front.
Your doing a great job!
Thanks again.

(Musashidan) #199

Yeah mate, this is a great thread, but I won’t be happy until I see TexTools and Speedflow on that list. :slight_smile:

(Peetie) #200

Correction of link to Mesh Align Plus (No 57 of the free addons).
You will see the addon not in the N-Panel but in the Active Tool and Workspace Tab of the properties panel. (First Tab).

(Craig Jones) #201

I saw a request from Max Puliero to adapt an add-on he uses a lot, and so I did my best to fix it up and got it working earlier today. Here is the github page for my own repo quad unwrap

(Peetie) #202

Todays news: There are builds again for Windows 64 bit. All addons I checked are working. Seems only Pie Menu Editor needed to provide a fix for a python API change.
And…. Scatter Objects is working again, To use it

  • Select a cube then a plane (floor)
  • Type in Search: scatter
  • Draw with the mouse cursor on the plane
  • Optionaly do some settings and hit Enter / Space

Update: added: Cameras lister (free addon).

(RayVelcoro) #203

very useful add-on. works like a charm.