List of addons that work with 2.8


(Craig Jones) #204

I just ported it, the original authors are noted in the python.

(rombout) #205

I also have an addon for Headus UVlayout. I made initial changes to the titus version. Mine supports OSX and Windows. it also has more functions.

Also have a addon which original is coded by @MeshLogic but i made some adjustments to the panel. I think they are better this way. Also made this one available for 2.80 now

I got another one which is called QuickSwitch
This lets you switch the default workspaces using either shortcuts, popup menu or pie menu. This makes it much faster to switch, no need to scroll to the top. I also added the render menu to a popup menu so you can switch faster.

I got 2 more but i still need to convert them. One is Save-Rigify-Metarigs. This allows you to save a MetaRig setup as a new preset in the Add Menu. It can also save Rigify Settings as a preset. So you can make a new custom Meta Rig and than quickly add this the next time you load Blender.

This needs to be ported

The other one is called Marvelous Pattern Creator. This one will draw you curve pattern in marvelous fully automated. So say you have a model of a T-shirt in a curve in blender. Using this addon it will be drawn in Marvelous for you automatically
This needs to be ported

(rombout) #206

Man this is cool!!! I always watch Arriumus3D he uses 3Dmax most of the time. They have that tool setflow and i always found this super nice function. I tried looking if there was a simular Blender addon. Super cool i found one now, many thanks for posting this link :slight_smile:

(Peetie) #207

@rombout Wow three addons at once, thanks!
UV layout bridge, Extra Image List, QuickSwitch, Object Shake (free ones)
And a paid one (but just two dollars): Multi Exporter
See list in first post.

(Peetie) #208

Added free addons:

  • Dynamic Spacebar Menu 2.8
  • BRM_Bake - Tiny and easy texture baking UI
  • Screencast Keys Status

And paid addon:

  • Re-Last 2.0.1

(Peetie) #209

Added Free addons:

  • AssetGen
  • Nudge Keyframe

Added paid addon:

  • Hair Tool

See first post

(MusicAmg) #210

received email via git hub that Animation nodes fix for audio baking is now fixed… look for new version on git hub

(MatsuikoHiroka) #211

Hi any similar addon like this that is working for 2.8?

it automatically appends / links the custom node groups without using the save as startup

(RayVelcoro) #212

Simple, but helpful 2.8 add-on;

(mkbreuer) #213

Hallo BACs (Blender Addon Collectors!)
Is there a dev text snippet tool for text editor with all new 2.80 api changes, similar to this one?
Maybe we could build one?!

(dimitribastos) #214

Don’t know if this is the right place to ask, but scatter objects will only work by searching the command or it’s just a “initial release” workflow for now?

(Peetie) #215

Added free addons:

  • unregis Tools
  • Jarchvis


  • Shotpacker (UV)

@dimitribastos Indeed I can activate Scatter Object addon only in Search. No idea about future plans of it by developer.

(Peetie) #216

Added Instant Meshes under the free addons.
Also usage tips added for DynRemesh. (paid addon).

(DanielSP) #217

BoolTool is in

(egtwobits) #218

Mesh Align Plus developer here, just wanted to share that I have officially released a new version of the addon that’s compatible with Blender 2.80 (this release also has one new flat alignment feature too):

(Peetie) #219

Hi @egtwobits , thanks for the super handy addon. I added Mesh Align Plus a while back in the list (No 57). But good to see updates here.

(Peetie) #220

Do you have a link? I got it already installed, but forgot where I get it from. Just not sure what link I should provide

(Dominik) #221

It’s a Built-in Addon.

(Korchy) #222

BIS add-on is available for Blender 2.8


Added Mesh Offset Edges free addon.