List of addons that work with 2.8



added my own Mesh Utils to the list

(Pitiwazou) #347

I added speedflow to the list, even if it’s still an alpha stage it’s working fine!

(tonton) #348

Font Selector now works in 2.8 !
Still in beta, so prefer the github rather than the gumroad download for now :wink:

(ma kadir) #349

can u pls combine ui for all 4 addons (mesh-utils) under 1 tab ?

(cgvirus) #350

Added Blender bake selected image:

(Peetie) #351

In 2.79 we had clutter on the left. In Blender 2.80 that problem is solved. We have it now on the right:

I thought to solve that by making more workspaces and then filter addons for each workspace. But then you end up thinking “Under what workspace was that addon again”. I think the only solution is to get a dedicated window where you can categorize yourself the addons.

(Wig42) #352

LOL, very true though hahaha

(ambi) #353

It would help a lot having standardized categories for addon tabs, I think. Every addon doesn’t have to be their own tab.

(obsurveyor) #354

Just cue off the bl_info category then users can get addon authors to set their category to something appropriate and there’s already a list of these to start with.

(Peetie) #355

In 2.79 I found out that in one of the .py files you can set what tab you want the addon to be. (Forgot how that works, I believe it’s bl_category). That worked most of the time but not always. There were also two addons for managing tabs, but that messed up more. Maybe we can post on right-click select an idea.
For example to add a possibility in Blender to assign an addon to a tab. But I don’t have enough insight in this matter in what is feasable and not.

(kkar) #356

There is actually a technical term for it, called “shifting the shit around”


I will combine them under the same plugin named mesh-utils, when I find some time. I don’t think a tab is necesary for these yet…


Using custom icons instead of text titles in tabs could fix this problem easily


Yeah… one of my idea:

Add-On Groups

  • Add new group(s) / Delete group(s)
  • Rename group(s) ( HardSurcafes/HSurfaces/HS… for example )
  • Change group-color ( in the Preferences )
  • Add Add-on for a group in the Preferences ( and maybe with drag )
  • Change succession of tabs ( with drag )
  • Right Click on the group: Select Add-on
  • Left Click on the group: Last selected Add-on

(Peetie) #360

Wow you thought about it in detail. That looks like a nice idea to me, especially to be able to make groups, change succession of tabs with drag, right-click to select an addon.

The only thing is when a developer decides to put his addon in the view tab (top one). And in that case you would like give the addon it’s own tab and then add that tab in the group you prefer.

Now I think about it, It looks indeed like a simple solution to me; It doesn’t really matter what tab (or own tab) the developer of the addon is using. We simple add a feature on top of the current code so we can group them. I mean the code of the addon is not affected, it stays that same. (The older solution was to adjust the code in addons so that addons go to the categorie you prefer. And that was sometimes problematic).

Are you going to propose your idea on right-click select? I will vote for sure.


Here. :slight_smile:
Add-On Groups

( This is the “older” idea: List for the Add-Ons But the groups maybe better. )

Thank You! :slight_smile:

(Peetie) #362

Super, I will vote for it once behind my PC. Thanks I hope many votes will follow.


I hope too…

(kkar) #364

It looks like the wiki post hit the text limit. I can’t seem add new lines.

(Peetie) #365

I’ll double check later nd if need contact moderator. Thanks for reporting. What addon you wanted to add?