List of addons that work with 2.8


(kkar) #366

Just updated my IOGuru to 2.8 so that is the one I was trying to add

(Peetie) #367

I’ve seen it indeed. Therefore I removed some text in the intro so I could add your addon under the paid addons. I’ll check how to reach out to moderators.

(SidV) #368

wrong thread, nevermind.

(Peetie) #369

There are categories for the free addons now.

Check it here: Back to top
Buy me a beer, (or one of my products :grin:)

Of course there will be always other opinions under what categorie an addon belongs to.
It’s quite a challenge to find the best balance, but I had the idea it is not too bad.
In case an addon is in a very wrong categorie, feel free to change it.

(Nomo) #370

This is really great. Awesome job!

(Peetie) #371

Added Asset Wizard for Blender 2.80
See Asset management this link : Back to top

(Canseco Gpc) #372

Nice job so far @Peetie, looks great.

Did some format fixes.
Removed Dynamic Context menu from free list to built-in addons
Added some missing descriptions.
BRM Bake is now called EasyBake, changed link.

(Peetie) #373

Ahw, that is super. Couldn’t do it all without help. Thanks!

(Peetie) #374

I voted on your solution to get rid of the clutter and left some comments.
But it Seems they are not going to do anything about it, never ever.
Add-on Groups

We will have clutter for ever and the solution is: adjust the .py code yourself to put that addon in the correct tab. Probably we are going to do that every time there is an update of an addon.

As I would say in Dutch “They seek it but out”.


Yeah… sadly. Or… someone create a “Add-On Groups” Add-On. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Peetie) #376

So I posted a new one on Right Click Select. This time not with a pre-defined solution, but with a request to solve the issue that there is clutter on the right. I don’t care what the solution is, as long as I can read the title of the addons at least.

(Meta-Androcto) #377

hi, as far as addons that are in Blender, in 2.79 we limited the use of individual names for tabs. Iirc I made addons limited to the point you could enable all the addons at once and they slotted in nice groups where possible… The big issue is external or user addons. Once you collect a few, tabs quickly mount up making them unreadable and difficult to use. I think it’s up to addons users to ask authors to fix this issue.

To answer a question here and offer yet again a solution that has been around for a while, it’s possible to let the user change the addons Tab category via the addons preferences. To demonstrate this in 2.79 or 2.8 nightly builds, activate the 3D View 3D Navigation addon. You’ll see there’s an option to change the Tab name. You can change the name and then save your User Preferences and the addon with it’s new Tab name will show up each time you start Blender. De-activating the addon and saving user prefs will restore the original tab name used.

If more addons authors adopt this practice, it would become much easier for the users to neatly organize their addons tabs.

(Secrop) #378

It would be nice if we could just grab 'n drop panels from one tab to another, and keep those settings… :thinking:

Another option (i’m doing it in an addon that i’m helping developing), is to add an option to choose which tab should the panels go into, in the addon’s preferences panel.


Not exactly drag’n drop, however this can be easily achieved with Pie Menu Editor.

(Secrop) #380

I was not talking about Pie Menus, but on a way for a user to customize how addons use VIEW3D_PT panels…


Yes, that addon is capable of doing this.

(Secrop) #382

humm… Are we talking about the same thing?
because i’m not referencing any addon in particular, but a general way for letting users change something in their addons layout!

(Peetie) #383

Can you give an example of a command to use in Pie Menu Editor to place an addon to another tab? (Or similar solution you found to solve the cluttered n-panel issue)?

(fin.eskimo) #384

Just thought I’d add this here:

(Peetie) #385

Do you think it’s easy for users to copy that useful code and past that in their installed addons? Or does it require some more coding then just copy-past a block of code?

(We could try to convince addons developers to adopt the practise, but let say we can convince half of the developers, we are not yet there. )