List of addons that work with 2.8

I understood from one of your posts earlier you are not a programmer, but I wonder if that really is needed with such passion and effort. If you are right and it works, it doesn’t matter for how long you are programming (coding). No?

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There was supposed to be a warning, but it turns out that there was a bug that prevented these warnings from being shown in the Blender System console. The Blender developers have now reverted this patch so that addon developers will have some more time to update their addons. Discussion thread


Added VSE Power Sequencer by GDQuest. Announcement video of 2.8 port here.

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Hi! I’ve updated the addon “Weight2VertexCol” for 2.80, I’m not a programmer, just an artist… so errors are expected… (1.6 KB)

Happy Blending!


Message for every-one who wants me to add an addon to the list:
I definitely stop with that, you can do it yourself. See first post.


I made one exception, and added an addon in the list.
It’s my own addon. :grin:

Model: Cylenoid by @masterxeon1001
Materials: by @chippwalters Definitely EEVEE materials


archipack not working for me in latest 2.8 build. when I click on window, door, stair just get a black screen.
can get wall to work but that’s about it! any ideas please?

you need to create the thumbs in the addons preferences

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Ahhh ok. Thank you so much. :+1:

that worked great, thank you again :slight_smile:

Added dev tools & snippetsLibrary from Samuel Bernou to the list (scripting)

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Wow @Esvas did an amazing job updating the google doc with categories, preview etc. That looks awesome! See the Google Doc in first post:


Thank you! :slight_smile: Still some work to do hope anyone can help. Just edit the “Add new here” sheet. The rest of the sheets are generated.


Hi guys. First of great job of updating the list. I’ve made couple add-ons, one was on the list before but it disappeared. So, can you add my add-ons to the list or can I do it by myself ?
The addons are AStats , for statistics
Another one, AMaAs if for quick material assignment
I give the links to youtube, the link for the scripts is in the description. I would love give the link directly to the script , but I don’t know how to get link for a single file direct download on github repo.
Ok, I’ve found a way to directly share addons

Hi @blenderA,

Did you add it already? In the first post you can see how you can do it.
There is a list in this thread but there is also a google doc.
On github, there must be a download button I suppose to download it as .zip.

Hey @Peetie,
No, somehow the google drive file is locked for me to edit.
I did some reorganization on git, so there are 2 add-ons
A* Material Assignment , addon for quick material assignment with a small menu
A* Statistics , addon for showing statistics in viewport with a lot of customization (like position on the screen, color, highlight color).
Youtube links are available through the documentation button in add-on properties, if something is unclear.
I would love to include my add-ons in the list , so people could use it and leave a feedback

Hi @blenderA

There is also the list in the first post. If for some reason you can’t add it there hopefully someone can help you out. Every-one has acces. I can’t add addons anymore for some strange mental reasons. ( An addon-list burn out?)

I’ve added my addons to the first post. Thanks , didn’t know that I can edit it.
The drive document is locked , but it is fine like this too

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Hi blenderA

The lists are locked but the “Add new here” tab is where you add and edit. Sorry if I was unclear about it. I’ll add a description in the first post.

Thanks for notifying me about this unclarity :slight_smile:

Oh, yeah. Got it. It is slightly unclear for sure :slight_smile: