List of commercial works with Blender

Anybody knows commercial products with using Blender? List them here.
My list:

Jimmy Neutron 1 (Gameboy Advance): some rendered animated backgrounds

Jimmy Neutron 2 (Gameboy Advance): we use Blender for level editor (this is a pseudo 3d game)
(Sprites maked with 3dsMax, but all levels created, edited with Blender: placing sprites on the level, excluders, power-ups, enemies and all things.)

I believe NeoGeo made many commercial “products” with Blender. :]

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wow awesome O_O

Probably not too interesting or big, but i have done some freelance design work for a new product which uses some tricky lense effects to fake a hologram in a concentrated area, i used blender for a few 10 minute reels which were projected on this machine to various companies. I have also recently been in contact with somebody who would like me to do some cg in a TV ad. Hopefully i can try to give blender some recognition down here in Aus when i gain a bit more experience.

I see a great future for blender imo


your future is set…so young…talented, hard working, sweat, blood and tears :wink:

keep up the good work Lee !!! [!] [!] [!]


Nice, LohnC!

I’ve used Blender a reasonable amount for illustration for freelance design projects (including things like websites, magazine advertisements, etc.) I’ve worked on. Some are at my site, some not yet.

Where in Aus are you?

Levels made with Blender.Will be Published

I did some Demonreels for ATI and thier graphic cards… to show thier real-time graphic capabilites. I also did some live blending for a board room to show how quickly the new ATI card works… paid well…

anyhoo, pretty soon, once The Hunters is fnished, Blender will be seen at international film festivals.!

Awsome !!

seems Blender is getting lots of Pro’s lately !!

I’m a freelance illustrator mainly, and the only 3d program I use for pictures and posters I make for job is Blender. :slight_smile:


Thats awesome news, i would definatly love to see more (employer type) people want blender work done for them. And you will definatly have to let us see the commercial if you do wind up doing it.
And if ever you find someone who wants a larger project done, and needs a few BlenderHeads for a team… tell 'em about this great Canadian chap who would love to move down under… hehe :wink:

Good luck man, with all your projectz!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

I use blender at least once a week to build and render elements to spice up the video post production that I do for a living.
Lots of commercials and corporate video.

I used to work for a Dutch MultiMedia company called Alatis Patent as a 3D animator, Blender was the main 3D tool.

This was a poster for Nashuatec, they sponsored a horse show. Sorry no titles

This graphic was part of a flash site for KPN telecom

These graphics were for a job search CD-Rom, the client was CareerFever

A stil from an animation for VBI (translated: United Concrete Industry)

A feature image used on a website I do design and programming for.
100% Blender!

Wow, I am happy to see this works with Blender. :slight_smile:

The opening title (the logo sequence) for this on-line video demonstration was done completely in Blender (except for the music and sound effects).

I know it’s boring but it is what the customer wanted and they are writing the checks. :slight_smile:


Just came across this post…
I work at a tv station, and I do
all the 3d graphics, etc. Most of the
commercials… I use Blender for most
of the 3D, and some “2d” stuff.

I’ll eventually get around to posting
some of my stuff I have done…


Nice topic :)!
Here’s stuff I’m just started (this morning :wink: ):

hey Bone (or skelet) !!

didn’t you stop to use Blender :wink: ?

or did I miss something?

btw, what’s the job you did with these images ??

I don’t think any of these were render with Blender ?