List of teachers needed

once again i call for a focus group or rather a directory of sorts.

It seems that Blender is becoming quite popular and beginning to be taught. I would think it would be nice to compile a list of places or people where there are classes being taught in Blender. Also courses in design where Blender is presented to some degree. This would also allow for a more common method of teaching the software and provide teaching resources to others who wish to begin teaching it but dont know how to start or incorporate it.

Just a thought.

you are right my friend :wink:

I think Rui had a session about that on sunday at the bconf.
Check the video’s to see if that was captured.

It was a discussion last year at the bconf, and I’ve been pushing a blendteach site in front of me because there are talks about doing this official with the BF. But the info is spars and I have no idea what (readiness) status this has.

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we are using blender here for multimedia and packaging design for the graphic design students. however we do not have a class yet. we give demos and the student has to learn the rest on their own. however as a graphic students there is not so much to learn compared to character animations.

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they use blender for game design there. the story is the same. i gave guys demos on how to work with it and the started to use blender because they also knew 3d through learning maya. they are using the unity game engine
with blender.

im guessing the second school is Bowling Green U in Ohio and i dont recognize the first

I am currently a student teacher in University in Wales U.K doing a one year post graduate course.

I am going to be teaching in the post compulsory education sector i.e post school leavers, I will be teaching animation traditonal and computer and am looking to implement Blender into the syllabus.

One of the main reasons i’m doing this beside’s the fact that Blender completley rocks is through my own experience as a student and working proffesional.

I want to make students aware that they can upon graduating form their course go on to create collaborative proffesional projects through using blender, and there is no longer a need to use dodgy versions of certain “industry standard” software.

This will help them to achieve a status of independence and more creativity in their work and hence forwarding the reputation of Blender, but most importantly improving animation as an art form.

If i can achieve my aims of implementing it a least one course over the next few years I will be a happy bunny, as I said however still training to teach at the mo.

Part of my course is to write a report on a aspect of education relataing to my subject area, so for this I will be looking at my above aims of implementing Blender into a existing curriculum of animation teaching.

Providing I am given the go ahead by my tutors for this as a subject matter for my research paper.

I was wondering if there were any practicing tutors in the UK who use Blender in the multimedia/animation field who i would be able to interview (at some point in the future for 5 - 10 mins)

Don’t know if this is apropriate for this thread but thought i’d chuck it in there.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

If you want to get involved with teaching Blender or you want to know what’s going on with Blender in the education world, you should come on over to the bf-education section of the blender wiki and also sign up for the bf-education mailing list. There’s a lot of things going on (both on the mailing list and off of it). And more will be coming. :slight_smile:

Is the bf-education still running?? I ask as I am running a 12 week part time animation course in Wales U.K. this september and would like to know what i can do to contribute and get involved with bf-education


i’m giving an introduction to Blender at SAT in Montreal. We’re looking for Blender specialists available to give some specific classes for our school department. We are a non-profit organisation based in Montreal dedicated to arts and technology.

Take a look at the SAT[transform] link on the SAT website:

Society for Arts and Technology [SAT]
1195 Saint-Laurent boulevard
Montreal (Quebec) Canada

We speak french and work with and for artists.



I can’t say that I am perfect in Blender, but what ever I know, can be seen on my pages.
I am ready to teach if someone want to learn at Allahabad, India personally or thrugh internet.
My work with Blender is here

My 3D Galery (41 Images )

My Youtube Clips of 3D Animation
( there are 14 clips out of that for 13 clips models/animation/rendering etc all is done in blender )

My 3D Flying Parrots

Hello, all.

First of all if you are interested in Teaching Blender, subscribe to the Bf-education mailing list here :

Now, let me report on some things that are happening concerning Blender education and teaching:

We had two workshops concerning training and education at the Blender conference this year. One was by Jason Van Gumster by hand turkey studios( for the work hey did at the Red Hat high and the other from the TOSMI project ( (you can check at the blende conf proceedings here the presentation for TOSMI:

Now during the TOSMI training project we found out that it would be really cool to have a trainers’ manual, so that people can take our experience and replicate it avoiding our mistakes/errors and so on. I am really happy to announce that the manual is …almost ready for release. It would have been ready for release at the blender conf. but timing and organizational issues did not allow us to have it ready by then. So I ll make certain to post here when we have it ready (lets say one or two weeks from now) for download. This will be a really hard-cut version of the manual , nothing fancy for now and also it will be specific to the TOSMI project (it will not have section for procedures the TOSMI project did not cover)

Of course there is more: we talked with Ton at the b-conf and we agreed to make a fancier version of the manual for release by the blender foundation as a teacher’s companion. We have not discussed anything more than that yet since we need to have one version of the manual ready before we start talking about an official trainers manual.

third on the list:
Again in talks with TOn it seams the certification is going forward (now that he has extra hands to help with that --he hired a new girl for the blender institute etc to hlp with organzing the traing part) . I hope we have it ready before the end of the year, so combined with the manual the trainers can really start setting up well structured trainings and education projects.

If you need any more info on the manual etc post here or at the bf-education mailing list.

mm… this all sounds extreeeeemly good, and useful to the whole community! :slight_smile: thanks for informing us! :slight_smile:

I am currently writing a book for teachers and students that compliments a school curriculum. I hope that this will soon be available to the public.

Ok, Instead of waiting for another week or so, we ll release the first production draft today and work from there :

get the trainers manual(production draft) from ::


I’ve integrated Blender to my “Arts Médiatiques” (Media Arts) classes since 3D modeling and animation are part of the provincial curriculums. For the ASM3M (grade 11), is basically modeling and for the ASM4M (grade 12) the students are introduce to the animation process.
I hope to be able to teach Blender as a course in the near future (getting approuval from the board is a slow process). The course and material will have to be in french…


Ah need to update it:

Kendall College of Art and Design
Of Ferris University Grand Rapids

Courses I teach:

Digital Modeling :: Rhino - Blender - T-Spline

Digital Rendering / Animation :: Blender

Model Making II :: Blender for organic surface creation


I’m the “Blender teacher” of the School of Arts “Casa dos Quadrinhos”, located in Brazil. We have a Blender course that tries to cover all the major aspects of 3d (Modeling, Shading, Textures, Render, Composite) in 18 months. I also made the Reference material for the course and will release than in Creative Commons next year (when Blender 2.50 comes, for updating purposes).

In the Classes we use Blender and GIMP (2d manipulation, textures) in Ubuntu Linux.

Link (only Portuguese):


I`am offering blender cources in Germany / region Niederrhein at VHS Xanten. In the nearby future also VHS Kleve und Wesel. But at the moment no one seems to have interest. Perhaps I will manage to give a one week workshop next easter…
I´am also writing a Blender guide for beginners together with QP from blend.polis. The book will be published in June 2008. I can´t wait to see 2.50 to be anounced for publishing…

Can’t wait to see this.

I will be teaching several Blender-related seminar classes next year at Tsuda College in Tokyo. I’ll be teaching a one-semester first-year seminar which will be a general introduction to Blender and Open Source software, a one-semester third-year seminar/project that will focus on the game engine, and a year long fourth year seminar/project on Python scripting for Blender. I’m considering writing an introductory book on Python scripting for Blender that I could use in this seminar in the future. The book would be geared towards non-programmers and beginning programmers.