list of vertex

how can you list vertex or their components X Y Z

i have this and working fine

List of vertex

print ’ verts List’

for v in redMesh.verts:
print v

now there is another way way but cannot remember how
for vert in redmesh.verts:

print "X value ",redmesh.verts.1

but this is not working

how can you list the components for theses vertices ?


surely redmesh.verts is a list so you wan’t redmesh.verts[0]. How are you getting the verts as I wan’t to do the same thing, but looking in the documentation doesn’t make it clear as to whether nmesh or mesh should be used. I’m trying NMesh but that doesn’t seem to work. All I wan’t is to print the X Y Z co-ords but nothing seems to work.

well Nmesh is deprecated anyway

so you got to stick with Mesh obejct !

there is a way but cannot get it going

it something like i;v shown but don’t ahve the right words for it !

hope someone can help


Access the coordinate attribute, ‘co’:

for v in redmesh.verts:
     # Print X-Coordinate
     # Print Y-Coordinate
     # Print Z-Coordinate