Listing of running projects in a single post

It can be interesting to have a listing of all the UPBGE/Range projects that are running . Make a small description , post/update the status , 1 picture allowed.

This is a listing thread . → NO CONVERSATION :grimacing:

If you want to make conversation with creator, you can post on his personal thread . Thank you

So what’s happening ? I’m the only one posting ? Upbge is officially dead ?

30/10/23 - 3 Posts so far : C’mon people, stop be zombies. This meant to be a sticky post so people can see running projects .

Current : A project i’m working on since a little time, i made a big pause on it, but i starting to resume it . I put a lot of work recently in it to clean the logics…

Past Problem : I was struggling with those double tic that made all the architecture based on .status i created a bit unstable . So it made the whole a bit loose and i felt like stuck and unhappy . A bit like working on moving sands… So i reviewed everything and now the logic tics are under total control :smiley: and so I’m be able to dig the project out of the ground again

All UPBGE 0.3:

An advanced 3rd person Ball Controller, Game System. Usable as Template.

(Derived from this finished Game:)

Helicopter Physics Demo with working Cockpit instruments and some gamplay.
Status: finished. updated with Cockpit HeadTracking Software support.

( Derived from this Helicopter demo with rope and car traffic system:)

Fixed Wing Aircraft demo

Status: rolls, flies. Cockpit HeadTracking Software support.

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…So what’s happening ? I’m the only one posting ? Upbge is officially dead ?
Me with a project in the bag :wink:

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