This is a personal work inspired on the work by Julian Sadokha.
Made with Blender and rendered in Cycles.
I used textures from

I used a simple and plain white background as a main light and two sun lamps to recreate that awesome reflection in the floor.

Eventhough blender was always underated, I think that nowadays, it can be compared with the best softwares outthere.

I used Filmic Blender which has become an indispensable if you want to re-create photorealism.

Share with me any thought you have about it!

Thanks for reading!



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two more angles!

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Hi Joni,
those images look really awesome and realistic!
Would you be so kind to post some screenshot of your Scene such as Lamp and Color Management Settings, World Settings, 3D viewport? That would help others a lot to learn.

Thank you in advance!

Thanks Karl, I’m happy you like it.
I will definitively will upload some shots of the scene, but it’s really nothing fancy. Just a white background and two sun lamps.- Two portals to avoid wrongly scattered light and that’s it

This is a close up:

excelente trabajo joni

Thanks for the tip - even if it sounds easy, a setup like this only works with the correct values. How close are the emission plane and the sun lamps to the windows? What are the lighting strength values? What are the filmic settings? sorry for bothering, but the “easy” stuff is often the hardest to reproduce.


Hope it helps!

A none render

Very nice, thanks for sharing the details. Did you use denoising?

I did. default settings.

Hi Joni, thanks for the node setups! i didnt expect such amount of post pro. Why did you set all the compositing nodes behind the ASC/CDL node? Isn’t it the case that the color balance should be done as last step?

I usually use the ASC/CDL node to give contrast to the raw render. With Filmic, this is the “manual” process if you don’t want to use the contrast presets. I call it Power Grading. But you are right, the grading goes after every lens distortion, dof or glare. What can I say. Old vices.

Actually, most of the post pro is to give randomness to the glare and decrease a bit the green saturation.

Really like it. Just one simple thing. In the first image the wooden floor seems way to glossy and at the same time the normal map seems “inverted” as if the crevices would point up.
Other than that well done.

Thanks for your comment! The glossyness on the floor was intended! Maybe I decided to leave it a bit to high, but I still like it like that. F me right? hehe
About the normals, are not inverted as you can see here in this screen:

Anyways, those “inverted” crevices you see there, are the displacement that it has like a randomness in the height of each plank, and it looks like inverted normals hehehe