Lite Attack Mech

(BgDM) #1

Well, here is yet another WIP from me, ( I really need to finish something one of these days :stuck_out_tongue: ).

It is a lite attack mech. Built for speed, so hence the single seat and small fuselage thus far.

I know there are some mesh issues right now, but they will be cleaned up. Any comments or crits are appreciated.

For the legs, I am thinking along the style of ED209 from Robo Cop. What do you think of that?


(sten) #2

cool stuff…sorry for the short comment :smiley:

(Detritus) #3

Good! Are you gonna add details like ventilation and lights and stuff later?

(hamy25) #4

Very nice start, but i think maybe an army texture may give the mech a beat-up look.
But very nice start! :stuck_out_tongue:

(S68) #5

Cool… but…

that glass bubble

Your MechaDriver is going to be short lived unless you add a force field
(or that glass is really resilient)


Keep it up


(BgDM) #6

Well, the two holes in the front are intakes for the engine. I am not sure if I should put a grill or something over them or not. We’ll see. As far as lights, yep, they will be coming.

Umm… It’s a super strong composite material of the future. It’s similar to the aluminized glass in Start Trek, (yeah, that’s it. I think you fooled 'em - did I just say that out loud? :o ).

Well, I am thinking that these type of mechs are built for speed and quick attacke. So the lighter, the better. So if they end up being blasted through the glass, so be it. Heh, you don’t get into a mech to sit and be pretty :wink:

No comments on my leg suggestion? Oh well. I guess I will just have to do it then.

Hopefully an update to this later today.


(paradox) #7

Yes I think your leg suggestion will look cool. (late comment)