Lite recording software for Blender?

Has anybody got any suggestions for free (preferably FOSS) recording software with low performance impact? I would also like these features-

  • Specific Window recording
  • FPS control (I would like to record at 5-10 FPS)

There’s obs. Honestly can’t think of any other foss software that’s even close to it.

With the right settings it can be very performant.
And the settings used is dependent on what hardware you have.


If you have a Radeon card, you can use own record software.

Thanks for suggestion. I can use it, bit I guess I was hoping for something simpler. I am using ShareX currently. It is pretty handy with some extra functionalities. The only problem is that I could not find any window capturing support.

My current card is a Nvidia 1650. It also supports recording, but for some reason it refuses to record Blender :slightly_frowning_face:

While it doesn’t meet all your requirements the windows game bar (win+g) can record specific windows.

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Its no longer under active development, but runs very well and does all you are looking for.

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Ah I had forgot about that. But for some reason I remember it stops and saves the recording if you switch to desktop? I might just be stupid, I will try it out.

Thanks, I will check that out

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This almost exactly what I am looking I looking for except window capturing dosen’t really work? It seems like window recording is like normal recording but cropped

It is what I had feared :grimacing: The recording stops if I switch to desktop.

Perhaps OBS is my best bet, thanks for your help everyone, I really appreciate it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Could you be more precise whats failing? I dont fully get it.

Be aware that video file formats typically define the resolution in the header, so for them its not able to switch resolution during recording, so window size changes cant be respected here either. Some streaming protocols indirectly allow somehting like that on playback but technically its just switching streams. What Captura is making is that it allows you to easily define position and resolution before you record it.

So, when you switch to the window mode in captura, it will ask for ( and highlight the hovered window ) and if you click on it, it defines the capuring borders and pixel perfect resolution size. I thought thats what you are looking for.

Cropping is not the problem. I want the program to keep recording Blender even if I switch windows. Like window or game capture in OBS

I havent tried OBS so far, maybe its handling it different, but I dont know of a problem that stops Capturas recording when switching windows.

I just moved the window across several screens while recording and its following. I switched programs and worked in other ones, I even rescaled blenders window and it rescaled the captured data to fit into the initial frame size. Still capturing.
The only limitation it has is if another window is on top of the blender window, then the pixels of the window on top are captured, maybe its that what you mean?

Yup. I want it to keep recording Blender even if it is in the background. If you have ever shared a specific window while on a video call, it’s pretty much what I want (but for recording ofc). Technically I could just open Google meet and record the video call, and that would be pretty much perfect :rofl:

In Windows 10 or 11 you could use the ‘Windows Key’ + ‘G’ to activate the Xbox game bar. There you can find a screen recorder

Yeah thats not possible in captura.

…or connect another monitor for your recording :grin:

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Yeah someone else suggested that too earlier, but for some reason recording stops if you switch to desktop. Also it has only 30 or 60 FPS options


Thanks for the suggestion. In the screenshot there is a window recording option but I can’t find it in the actual app, do you have any idea why this happening?

Oh I did not know. It looks like a Linux only feature:

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