Lithodomos VR Blender Studio Launches Explore: Step into History, an Ancient History App

Hi all, in 2016 I founded Lithodomos, a Melbourne based Blender studio, we’ve been making reconstructions of the ancient world with Blender since 2016.

We’ve have just launched ‘Explore’, an app that allows subscribers to explore over 400 recreations of the ancient world in stereoscopic 360 on a smartphone with—or without—VR cardboard glasses. There are free samples on the app as well.

Lithodomos’ in-house team of academics and historians first painstakingly research the scenes, often working with local cultural heritage experts. The research is then transformed into recreations of these places.

Here’s a desktop example

We’ve focussed on recreating the most visited and studied ancient environments with a focus on Europe.

Blender is used for 99% of our workflow and is the most important program for the content creation pipeline.


Wow, amazing stuff. Nice to know a studio that uses blender exists in my area. Nice to see you :wink:

The more you look for “studios in [any] area that use Blender,” the more you find. :smiley:

It still amuses me to “listen” to people who are “wondering if ‘Blender has arrived.’” The answer, today, is "unquestionably yes." And this has coincided with technical advances in “graphics hardware that you can hold in your hand, and buy in a supermarket checkout line.” We all live in interesting times, and “Moore’s Law” shows no sign of letting up.

nice work !!!

Thanks for that!

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Hi there, thanks for the comment. Are you based in Melbourne (Australia) as well?

Yep, currently learning blender and always wondered if there was any place in melb that used it for work :slight_smile: