Lithunwrap tutorials & Blender

(rndrdbrian) #1

It seems there are a lot of blender heads out there wondering how to using lithunwrap in blender.

Here is a quick guide.

First of all you need to get your hands on lithunwrap (a windows prog). I found it here:

Then you need the blender obj IO script. It is available here:

Do your modelling, then export the object to a .obj file using the above OBJIO script.

Then load it into lithunwrap.

For the mean time, here is a short tutorial on using lithunwrap (not written by myself)

One thing I have noted though is if you do a 3d preview in Lithunwrap, it triangulates the model. Not handy if you want to import the object back into blender.

Hopefully this should get you guys started!

I am planning on writing a tutorial specifically for blender using lithunwrap. But this will do mean time!



(valarking) #2

good, i needed an unwrapper…