Litle help with road...

I need some help with a project that I have. I need to stamp a road on a terrain mesh but I dont know what would be the best way to go about it.
The mesh of the terrain was send to me in OBJ and is not the cleanest or smother mesh that could be.
I already try the shrinkwrap modifier but it only works if I wrap the road to the terrain and not the other way around, which is exactly what I what.
Any ideas?


The road following the terrain seems like the correct way to do it. Especially if you have been given the terrain. Why would you want to wrap the terrain to the road? Wouldn’t that change the terrain?

You may want to use a curve instead of a mesh for the shrinkwrap part. Then you can either bevel a shape down the curve for your road or use an array modifier followed up by a curve to deploy a road along the terrain.

But here is an example where the road pushes and changes the terrain. Just edit the curve.


25_road_changes_terrain.blend (436 KB)

Sorry for the late reply. That is the smart way to do it. Gives complete control. Thanks a lot.
In real life the roads don’t follow the terrain but cut or fill the terrain with the terrains levels or slopes defined by the engineering team. And this way I can put the road as it was designed. It also gives me side of the road in a cut or fill like it should.
The only problem it was the terrain given to me. To much mess and to big, so modifier didn’t gives good result but I separated the part of it that contains the road and only work with it and get the job done. Thanks again.