Litlle Fella the Singer


this is my first official thread post on this forum (great resource for me as Blender newbies!) … also this animation is one of my few attempts in animation at all, and this one is about lipsync animation (done without using any 3rd party appl like papagayo,…)
Comments are welcome!

The model and the rig are from
Thanks to FreakyDude to share it with us!

Movie (5.3MB) —>


Nice Eye Expression. I havn’t downloaded the movie but, I will download and see. Is there voice also? Clothes are looking perfect. She looking like sister of Ludwing.

what if its a he?

nice! ill download it monday and watch it

@kkrawal, yes there is a music base for the lipsync <— Louis Armstrong - What a Wonderful World :wink:

I haven’t touched the model/textures this time, all original from FreakyDude. I only used yafray for rendering.

850 frames (complete animation) would take a couple of days on my computer to render, but it took only 12 hours with respower help.



kkrawal it IS a HE!!!

Hey Anton, Nice movie, some things could use improvement, but for a first try REALLY great!! And it’s fun to see my character being used like this and appearing in other threads too.
This one brought a grin to my face running from one ear to the other. Nice work!

Things that coulc improve it a bit: the lipsync is a little out of sync at the last word: “world”, maybe the mouth could be closed between certain letters, but HEY, done from memory, without using a phonemsheet, and it’s your first time doing this, REALLy nice!

Very good animation. The lipsync part looks pretty good. It could use some secondary movement in the arms and hands to give it more life but very good.

@FreakyDude: yes, I should at least polish the last word “world”, will do that for the next version, will try to polish the whole lipsync as well, tnx!

@musk, this is exactly I’m planning to do for the next version … didn’t have energy to do it for this first version :wink:
Thanks for the suggestion!

Stay tuned :wink: