Little 3d scene!

hey guys,

I am creating a small 3D scene (imaginary office) for my business card :eyebrowlift2:

Any suggestions or critiques is appreciated :smiley:

Nice, but I would take those nails off the name. … This does not look refined enough for a business card imo. Floating letters, maybe with some light behind it, or letters in a contrasting material to set the name apart from the wall, might be a much better choice to sell it.

Some of the lettering blends into the wall a bit too much, is it Al Mosleh or Al Moslehi?

A good business card needs to have strong readability when text is involved.

oh i didn’t say it correctly! i wanted to have this as the front like sample of my work! and then on the back it has my name, logo and information! so you are not supposed to get the info from the image! it is almoslehi (

maybe my idea sounds a bit weird but it is basically one scene on front side of the card and information on the back

Have you considered green leaves on the plant in the planter?