little advice on a fighting game like street fighter 4

how many character would u put, in a fighting game. i am a newbie at blender, i have 19 characters and moves for them, no character has the same moves. 12 playable, 4 bosses, and 3 hidden character, is that to much character to start with and how many would u start with, thanks in advance

It is good that you have that many flesh out, but you should start with 1. Get one character working then worry about adding a bunch of other ones.

i mean if u would use 19 characters in ur first fighting game or u would use less characters, and leave some out

For a first game, 19 is probably going to be too difficult. I wouldn’t go above 4 players in your first game. I know that does not seem much like Street Fighter but you have to understand that the probably had a team of 30+ artists working on that game to get the number of characters that they have.

ok thanks, kastoria