Little animation for physics class

To impress my physics teacher i mde this very very small animation.
its is just 51 frames, but is very clear.

its is about the Lorentz-force. its appears when a magnetic field, some power come to gether. (kind of…)

it is hard for me to explain this, especially in english, but maybe some people can do that better than me.

sorry, how studip can i get :expressionless: , here is the link:

copy and paste link, 4.2 MB, normal AVI file

haha lol, i wonderd where it was after reading the first one :wink: , its taking its time like you said 4.2 but only for 51 frames, kinda weird.

I was wondering the same thing, ( i.e. 51 frames = 4 meg file size). Did you compress the animation into DivX or mpeg?


well… eh, i would like to compress the thing, but i don’t know how to do so yet… :expressionless:
Could somebdy please explain how to do so?

In the render options, select the output file format from the pull down menu.

As long as you have the video codecs installed, they will appear and then select the codec you want and press the animate button as normal.

It will then encode the animation with the selected codec and save it in that format.

Or, you can get VirtualDub, a freeware video app, and then compress it inside that.


I will try to make a good compression, thank you so much for this link. :smiley:

im getting a really slow DL rate(1kb/sec) so sry i aint gonna wait the hour for a 51 frame animation :frowning:

I’m with Fonix Wircs; there is no way that I’ll wait that long. Please just post a .gif.

yea i stoped after half hour of waiting and i got broad band!!!

UUUAAHGH!!! Freewebs, in case you haven’t noticed, has a bandwith of about 7 kb/s (and that’s kilobits, not kilobytes).

Plus, HOW COULD YOU NOT COMPRESS IT?! I understand that you are new to blender and all, but please! 4 MB for 51 Frames?! Sorry, but I’m not dowloading it until:

a) You find a different host than freewebs. Possibly angelfire, since you can bypass their direct linking protocol by adding a “?” to the end of the link.


b) You compress it.

Anyway, I’m sure it’s very interesting, and I don’t mean to flame you, but Sometimes you just have to think about other peoples’ time contraints and such.

So anyway, good luck using blender! :smiley: