Little animation movie

Hello to all

I’'ve made a movie “thing” from an old “real-time” file
Yes, I know, it’s always the same thing…
Not open source ( I Don’t Care License), not the first, not the last, not HD, not
multilingual, not , not, not…viewable?! :slight_smile:
If you want to check ( 8 Mb):
Low quality version ( 4 Mb):


No, not viewable for me!

used to be viewable when i first saw it and is right now to.
im useing ALshow, but mplayer and vlc should play it to.

Both xine and mplayer were fine.

Your original is 7.9Mb. Are you on Linux? I generated a 4.4Mb version by typing the following into console…

ffmpeg -i Nocturnes-XII-X-MMIV.avi -ab 32 -ar 22050 -b 100 -s 320x240 Noctunes.mpeg

The newer version isn’t quite so chrisp visually or sound-wise, but still viewable for poor dial up users like myself.

Sorry, I’ll post a more dial-up friendly version.
Thank you.

:smiley: Heh - cheers. I’d already downloaded the prior version. I hadn’t seen the on it’s based on. Very cool.

Very cool animation. I like the way you keep it simple but still create an effective and evocative atmosphere. I do wonder why you used Batman, though, since it would have worked just as well, if not better, with a character of your own creation, and you’re infringing copyright and probably some trademarks for no reason.

Thank you for the kind comments
It’s funny, the three or four people that cares for this “thing” told me the same thing
It’s true, that could be wathever…
But since I was a kid, I always wanted to do a bat story :wink:
And the bat character has lend to great “variations” by great authors
Frank Miller, George Pratt, Grant Morrison/Dave Mckean…
Thank you for warning me about copyrights
I guess that you know that original authors of commics characters don’t even was “rights” paid?!
So, @…££ corporations :slight_smile: