Little bevel trick

I’m here working on a project with lots of un-organic meshes, and I noticed myself using a little trick a lot to make bevelled edges easily when constructing rectangular shapes. I’m sure other people will have tried it themselves at some point, or have other or better tricks too, but I thought I’d share it anyway.

Create a mesh circle with 8 vertices:

Select the top, left, bottom, right vertices:

Rotate them so they are close to the other vertices:

Rotate all the vertices, to align them nice and square:

Extrude however you like!


nice! im a subsurf man though, i’ll post my tutorial when i make it.

that’s a good one! [!] thanks!

Nice & Economical :slight_smile:


Why not just apply SubSurf to this mesh? It gave me nice results when I tried it. It’s all quads, afterall.

Having the vertices close together gives you better control of how the subsurf is applied.

Look, ma! no wings!